Wednesday, May 1, 2013


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This is about Asia's Best Attraction - THE VUVUZELA SUNWAY LAGOON !

Imagine you’re sitting on a rubber raft, eleven stories above ground. Below you, a long, winding waterslide, leading away so far you can’t see where it ends. Suddenly, the ground falls away and you’re plunged, screaming, hurtling through a maze of watery pipes, twisting and turning like an aircraft out of control. It’s terrifying yet exciting and all your senses are alive !! XD

Desitt !

The Vuvuzela is a sight to behold, as it occupies 3,360 meters (three times of the size of a Olympic standard swimming pool) of the water park. From a launch tower an incredible eleven stories (30-meters) high, the Vuvuzela plunges you through a ride that spans 152 meters, designed to resemble riding rapids on a turbulent river, before mercilessly plummeting you into the world’s largest water funnel, 22 meters in diameter which also sits 4 meters above the ground. 

The Vuvuzela is also equipped with its very own programmed, colourful LED light display, which ably shows the location and phenomenal size of the Vuvuzela within the water park at Sunway Lagoon at night.

The Vuvuzela also comes equipped with its own elevator, which takes rafts up to the launch deck. The rafts are 6-seater rafts and riders will sit in them and splash down the ride.

Each ride will allow riders to experience up to 5 thrilling oscillations in the world’s largest water funnel before being shot out back into the enclosed flume. The ride will then end in Vuvuzela’s splashdown pool. The Vuvuzela is designed for riders to experience zero gravity, caused by the swinging to opposite sides of the funnel to reach the apex of the ride.


For more information, call 603 5639 0000, visit !! :D

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